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DZMM Takbo Para Sa Pamilyang Pilipino 2016

This 2016, DZMM Takbo continues to run with the theme “Takbo Para sa Pamilyang Pilipino” with the goal of seeing all 75 DZMM Scholars finish their elementary education.  Here are the event particulars:

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Game Plan: TNF100 2016 (50K)

It’s been six years since I’ve last ran TNF100 which was then also held in Baguio.  I did the full 100K back then and now I’m doing 50K so this makes it the shortest TNF100 race I’ve joined! 😀  This being my first time to do the 50K leg, I thought of making a guide for myself, but am now sharing for your perusal.

TNF100 2016 50K Route
(Click image for a bigger version)

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Race Recap: Salomon X-Trail Run 2016

I had forgotten when I last ran the trails so when the opportunity to do so came, I quickly grabbed the opportunity.  Knowing the past editions of Salomon X-Trail, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy—and it really wasn’t as we all figured out.

The 32K participants awaiting their gun start

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Visita Iglesia 2016

Visiting multiple churches during Holy Week, also known as Visita Iglesia, had become a tradition of mine for the last few years and this year I had the chance to revisit some of the most beautiful and revered churches in the country.  Here are the 14 churches I had visited this Lenten season.

My Visita Iglesia 2016 route

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Salomon X Trail Run 2016

Salomon X Trail Run is back and this year would be covering the trails of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  This year’s event would feature the “Road to Trail” (6K and 12K) and “Mountain Run” (24K and 32K) events.  Here are the particulars:


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My Return to Racing with AmCham ScholaRun 2016

I can hardly remember when the last time I actually joined a race in a race pace as oftentimes I serve as a pacer.  This year’s AmCham ScholaRun finally gave me a chance to do that, even if admittedly, I’m hardly as fast as I was a few years ago.

2016-02-28 21.03.00-1

My 5K Finisher’s Medal

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Batman V Superman Run

Spinning off the success of last year’s World of DC Comics All-Star Fun Run is this year’s sequel and inspired by the movie of the same name, Batman v Superman Run.  I don’t know about you, but I’m very, very excited!  Without further ado, here are the event particulars:


Choose your side

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